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Meet Our Team

Get fused by us.

Alex Stoker


Hey there! I'm Alex, a wife and mom of three gorgeous girls. I live on beautiful Vancouver Island, where I run a hobby farm and my own jewelry business. After a big move two years ago to escape the rainy north, I found myself with a new baby and a desire to get out of the house. That's when I discovered my love for silversmithing and jewelry-making at a local Makerspace. I started my own business, Fused Permanent Jewelry, to bring affordable, durable fine jewelry to busy moms like myself.



Ashley Earp

Social Media Stategist

Introducing Ashley, the social media maven and strategist extraordinaire on our team. When she's not busy being a supermom and wife, you can find her sipping iced coffee and chatting up other creative minds.


With her graphic design background, Ashley has a natural knack for making jaw-dropping content. She's got a serious passion for helping small businesses blossom through social media marketing and is a pro at developing strategies that truly captures their vibe. But don't be fooled by her professional prowess, Ashley is also a master of puns and has a knack for injecting humor into her work.


Her infectious energy and fun-loving attitude make her a valuable addition to the team, and her quick wit never fails to bring a smile to our faces. 


Chief Operating Officer

Meet Clover! She's a hardworking stay-at-home dog turned C.O.O. when her human, Alex, had the bright idea to start a business and run it right in her favourite napping space. 

When Clover isn't busy ignoring Alex's pleas for input and opinions, she spends her days cuddling and snoring loudly during all of Alex's business calls and producing and releasing toxic fumes into the air to keep Alex on her toes and alert all day long. 

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